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Who are we

Saracco Vineyard and Winery

Saracco Vineyard and Winery - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

From 1799 we cultivate vineyards on the historic hill of Moncalvina, among the first Moscato d'Asti where the vineyard is cultivated since the 13th century.

Ancient plants of red and white grapes, the best cultivation practices, a great respect for the environment and a technologically advanced winemaking process in line of traditional practices in Piedmont.

We grow and transform Moscato d'Asti DOCG , Barbera d'Asti DOC, Freisa d'Asti DOC and an aromatic red wine, Suri, taken from an ancient Piedmont's variety.

Harvest is for everybody

Harvest is for everybody - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

The vineyards need care, so even Francesca who took the estate's management is responsible for the harvest.

Manual harvest and mechanical transport

Manual harvest and mechanical transport - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

When harvest will start, probably beginning of september, this will be image in the vineyard.

Red boxes aligned, people harverst manually and with a little tractor the full boxes are transported to the center of the farm.

The new Freisa d'Asti

The new Freisa d'Asti - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

The newly born Freisa d'Asti is ready to be tasted and aged in your cellar


Map - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Hills and estates

Hills and estates - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Vineyards and farms are the essential elements of the landscape between Langa and Monferrato bordering the Unesco site

The roots of the future

The roots of the future - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Antique engraving. Staying almost a symbol of the house.

Agriculture and nature

Agriculture and nature - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Hare in the vineyards